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Sail On Long Sleeve

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Long Sleeve "Sail On" Shirt 


The story behind Chilville and why they are making these shirts to give back:

My husband came bounding through the door one winter evening looking like he was up to something.  Of course I had to know what was going on. He told me about a speaker he heard at a work meeting that day. The speaker said something that resonated with him. 

“If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.” 

The thought began to grow on me. We had taken baby steps. Including a baby (Lumi!), moving out of the city to a beachy tiny home, and trading in jobs that never stopped for ones that allowed us to breath. To plant a garden. To travel a little. To take a walk in the sunshine. 

But it wasn’t until recently that it all hit home. Mike lost his Mum to cancer. In the middle of the pandemic. We’d been locked inside our cottage (maybe this move was a bad idea!?) like so many others. People were unemployed, small business dreams potentially lost, wives wondering who this husband was, husbands wondering who these heathen children were, and worse. Ha! And the wheels started turning. What about not buying in to the negative? What choice can we make, in this moment, to do something positive? Selfishly for our own sanity, but also as a testament to the resilience of all of us going through this together, in our own worlds. 

So we took an old drawing we had, and combined it with an old idea we unabashedly pursue a life we believed in. 

We were left with this shirt.

And the thought that Chilville is a choice, a state of mind, an idea that, win or lose, we are going to live our best life. Just like you.

Chilvlle (the Company) designed the ‘Sail On’ tee to give back.  Net proceeds will go to Masks4Meds to help small businesses rebound and rebuild after the affects of Covid-19.  We hope you’ll come along on the unknown but fully inspired journey of Chilville.